Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion, the latest version of OS X, will offer as many as 200 new features, including many more cloud services.
Apple’s iCloud service already boasts 125 million registered users, according to the company. Applications like mail, contacts, calendar, Messages, Reminders, and Notes will all sync up, along with a new feature dubbed “Documents in the Cloud,” which can sync documents from Pages, Keynote, Preview, and TextEdit.
Apple’s newest operating system builds in several features inspired by its iOS mobile devices.The new OS has more than 200 new features, including notifications, Reminders, Game Center, Documents in the Cloud, and Messages.Apple is also enhancing security options with a service that warns you when you could potentially download harmful software.

Game Center

Another new feature, called Power Nap, is all about keeping Macs up to date even while they’re snoozing. The computers will be able to fetch data while in sleep mode, do an iCloud sync, update system software, get e-mail, and even do a Time Machine backup.

Power Nap

Mountain Lion will be available in the Mac App Store in July for $19.99.