Windows ‘Blue’ confirmed [ windows update ]

The most rumored of Microsoft next windows being worked upon is confirmed and the public beta will be available end of June.On the same time a major update is also said to roll out for its latest Windows 8.

The news was disclosed yesterday in WIRED Business conference and the public beta availability of Windows Blue was announced to be coming in last week of June.

Only a few months have passed by for Windows 8 and Microsoft is planning big with a major update and a new version of windows.As rumored before ‘Blue’ is said to be made available for free or might cost very low from your pocket unlike the normal version of windows.Microsoft has been working on both Windows 8 and Windows Blue from a very long time and now are ready to set the market with its latest products but we will have to wait to see whether these products suit well in the market and is able to keep its users happy.

As for Windows lovers another excitement awaits but this time there will be no place for disappointment otherwise Microsoft will start losing its lovers.

windows blue
windows blue