iOS 6

iOS 6

iOS runs on iPhone and iPad and iPod has its new version 6 coming up.The new mobile operating system comes with more personalization options, allowing users to turn on a do-not-disturb mode, as well as respond to phone calls with a set message, and set VIP status to individuals whose emails come through as an alert.

set messages to respond to incoming calls

Apple will also finally allow Facetime to work over the cellular network, it previously only worked over a Wi-Fi network.
Apple will also consolidate a user’s Apple ID and phone number, so calls and messages can be picked up via the iPhone or iPad.


A new app called Passbook, which stores boarding passes, store cards, and movie tickets.

Apple said that it would more closely tie Facebook into iOS 6. The new setup allows Facebook users to post pictures and video directly to their accounts from iOS 6 without using the Facebook app, and post updates via Siri.

facebook everywhere

Apple also announced several upgrades for Siri, including a jump to the latest iPad.Upgrades include better responses, and several integrations.Siri can also launch apps now, post to Facebook and be international.


Apple is also working with automakers to integrate Siri into cars through a “Eyes Free” feature, which will allow drivers to use a button in the steering wheel to activate Siri. The feature is coming in the next 12 months for several car companies, including BMW, General Motors,Toyota, Mercedes, Honda, and Audi.

Siri in car with the help of a button

Apple revealed at WWDC a new in-house 3D Maps app built entirely from the ground floor up. The 3D option isn’t turned on by default but can easily be switched on by the user via a large button logically dubbed 3D.

3D Maps

But 3D isn’t the only cool feature. The app is tapping into the GPS arena by helping drivers who need to navigate their way through traffic. Besides offering turn-by-turn directions, the app includes a new traffic service that shows you the location of accidents, courtesy of crowd-sourcing, so you can try to avoid them.

Apple Maps

The beta version of iOS 6 is going out to developers today, and will be available to consumers in the fall. The platform will support iPhone 3GS and later, as well as the second and third-generation iPad.