Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 offline

vsNot a month ago when the update 2 for visual studio was made available with new tools and updates for the old ones and developers all around the world started downloading it but few didn’t manage to get it because of the internet failure.For them too Microsoft announced how to download the Update and make it offline through command prompt and so on but that too required uninterrupted internet and again few were debarred of the update.

Recently Microsoft announced the ISO availability of the Update 2 for visual studio 2012 which is of 1.80 GB in size and can be downloaded with interrupted internet connection also and the iso file can be shared with others too to help them update too unlike the online installer which requires each one to update separately.

Microsoft also said that they plan to provide ISOs for the later updates also.

Direct Download Link         :     Download Visual Studio Update 2 ISO