how to solve windows 8 release preview audio problem [ how to ]

windows 8 release preview is now available for download . we posted about that about month ago many people downloaded and using it as it works really fine for me but many people troubling with audio problem

so here is quick and dirty guide to solving audio problem

Method 1:
Open the Playing Audio troubleshooter.
1. Press the ‘Windows + F’ key on the keyboard, this will bring the search interface.
2. Type in ‘Troubleshooting’ and click on ‘Settings’ for the result.
3. Under ‘Troubleshoot computer problem’ click on ‘View all’ on panel to the left.
4. Under ‘Hardware and Sound’ click on ‘Troubleshoot Audio Playback’.

method 2
1 : open services
2 : make sure that windows audio service is running and set to automatic
3 : make sure your audio device plugged in and service is running

method 3 ( if you are upgraded from xp )
1. Open cmd.exe with Administrator rights
2. Type in:
“secedit /configure /cfg %windir%infdefltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose”
3. Restart your computer when the process completes
4. TADA, your audio service now runs normally

method 4
1 : right click on sound icon from taskbar
2 : open playback devices
3 : make sure you checked show disable devices and enable them

method 4 
1 : Right click on “Start Screen (list item)” in “Start Screen” 
2 : Left click on “Device Manager (menu item)”
3 : From device manger
4 : download audio driver and update them manually

i hope it may be helpful for you 
cheers !