Microsoft WebMatrix 2 RC [ how to install ]

New to web development and want to develop a website–Microsoft WebMatrix will help you do so which is a free software from Microsoft for web developers to create website in whatever web technology they know.The software is especially for web development and it provides a good editor where you can write,edit and check your code.
Here are the steps to install WebMatrix 2 RC.We have installed it in Windows 8 RP but it will work the same way on any Windows OS.

Goto WebMatrix website.

click on free download

double click on the downloaded file to open
WPI gets downloaded
Web Platform Installer 4.0 gets installed
click on install to install webmatrix 2 RC
clcik on I Accept to start downloading
WebMatrix 2 RC is downloaded and installed

WebMatrix 2 RC installed successfully

Microsoft WebMatrix 2 RC

Start your web development today!!