How to pair authenticator app on smartphone with Microsoft two-step verification

After turning on the two-step verification feature on your Microsoft account you can pair an authenticator app on your smartphone with your account which will provide you with random generated codes each time instead of waiting for message from Microsoft consisting of that code every time.Be it iOS,Android or Windows Phone powered device the app is available to you on every platform and here is how to set-up :-

Download the authenticator app on your Smartphone

Windows Phone






  1. Go to Account settings after logging into your Microsoft Account by clicking on your name Top-Right corner of screen and selecting Account settings
  2. Go to security tab from the left pane and you will find below on your right something like thisauClick on Set up
  3. You will be forwarded to a screen like thispair
  4. form the app installed on your phone select ‘set up a new account’
  5. select ‘scan a barcode’ for this some phones might need an additional app to download like barcode scanner to scan a barcode
  6. scan the barcode displayed and you will get a code
  7. enter the code generated and you are done!!auth

Now whenever you login you need not wait for a message and you can enter the code from the app to login.