Windows Live Two-Step Authentication

Microsoft has joined Google,Apple and Dropbox in two-factor authentication for its Windows Live users and those who were concerned about security can now be relaxed with their Live IDs or and IDs.Saying this i would also like to add up that Microsoft did not need such security and its only because of its users demands the system was introduced.Microsoft has always been concern about its users privacy and always provided with a more secure environment whether it’s adding of Microsoft points to Xbox Live account or buying anything from Microsoft Store.

To assure its users here is how to setup your Microsoft account with two-step verification :-

  1. Sign-in with your Microsoft Account in any of the Microsoft Service say
  2. Go to Account settings by clicking on your name on the Top-Right of the screen and selecting account settings.
  3. Select the Security options from left pane and you will see something like this1
  4. Click on ‘Set-up two-step verification’ to setup two-step verification.
  5. You will be asked for confirmation in which you will be sent a code in your alternate mail id
  6. Just enter the code you received in mail and you are done!!twostep

For those who are unaware of two-step verification or have not used it before — it’s not hard to set up and its free.Two-step authentication is just like adding an extra layer of protection to your account and doing so no other person except you can login to your account.After setting up the two-step verification each time you login to your account with your username and password(one step) you will need to give an extra code for entering into your account(2nd step) and so the name Two-Step Authentication.

Thank You!!