Microsoft WebMatrix 3 beta


The preview of the upcoming version of the popular open-source web development tool by Microsoft is now available for the web developers.



WebMatrix 3 is the upcoming version of WebMatrix after WebMatrix 2 Refresh 2 and this version brings you not many but very useful features required to build your websites integrating with Azure,Git and TFS.You can download the preview version for now  from the webmatrix website and start using it today.

With the features of WebMatrix 2 now you can :-

  • Get easy access to your Windows Azure Websites making it as your companion for The Cloud
  • Source Control with Git like the one introduced in Visual Studio 2012
  • Source Control with TFS
  • Edit your websites Remotely fully with intellisense like you edit a local site

For those who aren’t aware of WebMatrix but want to develop interactive websites then you should give it a try as the software is completely free and very easy to use and you will not need to setup your development environment individually installing local server and database and good editors. WebMatrix is a package for all and takes care of everything and the software guides its users very effectively in setting additional environments.

Enrich your site now!!