VLC beta for Android

The VLC mobile team has finally released the beta version of the VLC player in Google Play Store. It was a much-awaited release that came from the VLC team but the bad news is that it is not meant for all of us. The VLC team says that the beta version of the app, dubbed as Neon, is available only for devices powered by ARMv7 processors. However, the team has assured that other devices will be supported by other applications.

VLC is a free and open source multimedia player and is capable of opening just any media file. One added advantage of VLC is that it offers an audio-video media library, which has full search capabilities. It also offers support for network streams, subtitles and HLS. Since it is the beta version, the developers have clarified that it is unstable and slow and also needs performance improvements and UI face-lift. Also, it will work with only a limited set of hardware.

Some of the features that it brings include: playing of video and audio files like in the desktop version of VLC, widget for audio control and support for audio headsets.

To download and check for compatibility on your phone click Download.