Sublime Text 3 beta released with new features and hike in price

Sublime text is one of the best code editors  for Linux , Windows and mac , people prefer it because its fast and cross platform and support multiple plugins to enhance coding experience .

Sublime team posted on blog about this release and they also mentioned that this beta version is available for limited registered users you can see full post here

About Pricing 

Pricing. The price for a Sublime Text license key has increased by $11, from $59 to $70, the first price rise in Sublime Text’s five year history. All licenses purchased at this new price are valid for Sublime Text 3. Users with a Sublime Text 2 license key can continue using the key with Sublime Text 3 while it’s in beta. When 3.0 is released, upgrades will be available for $30, or $15 for users who have purchased recently. The cut off date for the reduced upgrade price will be based on the actual date of the 3.0 release.


sublime text 3 beta
sublime text 3 beta 3

this new version is now using python 3.3 , its now in beta many further changes will come along with final release

try beta :

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