XBOX on Windows 8

Windows Re-Imagined as is the tagline for Windows 8 and starting with the fun of Xbox on Windows 8 we have our Entertainment Re-Imagined.The Music in Windows 8 becomes xbox music, video becomes xbox video, games becomes xbox games.
xbox video

Like we buy music and videos from the Apple App store for our Apple products we can do the same now for Microsoft products with Windows 8 in PC and Tablets and Windows Phone 8 in windows phones.

xbox games

All the fun of xbox in PC too….

xbox music

You will love this xbox music app and its features like free streaming of music and listening to your favourite artists for free.
On TV, Xbox Music is streaming only and requires an Xbox 360 console and additional subscriptions (each sold separately). Some Xbox Music content may not be available via Xbox Music Pass, and may vary over time and by region

Not only this you can sync all your content between your devices at ease with xbox smart glass and turn your device into a remote control say you want to see your video made on windows phone on your TV then with this app you sync it to your TV via xbox and enjoy the video on a big screen making the windows phone your remote.This App will be available for many devices….
Enjoy the fun with your Windows 8
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