KDE Software Compilation 4.9 [ whats new ]

KDE team announced the release of kde 4.9 SC yesterday this is major release after six months of development , team announced many new improvements and new features . some major changes are

changes : 

• Improved Dolphin file manager with back/forward buttons and in-line file renaming;
• Improve Konsole terminal app with text selection using KDE Web Shortcuts;
• Improved KWin window manager;
• Deep integration of Activities throughout the Workspaces;
• Okular can now store and print annotations with PDF documents;
• Improved bookmarking, search, and text selection in Okular ;
• Added Last.fm support in Juk (includes scrobbling, cover-fetching and MPRIS2 support);
• Added support to group all off-line users in Kopete;
• Improved Kontact;
• Added Pairs, a new memory game;
• Added Rocs, a graph theory app;
• Improved Kstars;
• Upgraded KDE Games;
• Qt Quick improvements;
• Faster access of network shares (including NFS, SSHFS and Samba);
• Faster desktop search by fixed many annoying bugs in Soprano and Nepomuk;
• Stability and performance improvements.

changes list via softpedia 
build instructions are available here : http://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Build/KDE4
see official release announcement for complete list of changes .