wired journalist faced epic hack | hackers used iCloud and amzon security flaws

icloud hacked wired journalist

Wired.com journlist Mat Honan wrote that he was hcked using apple’s poor security and amazons flaw.
he published his hacking story on wired  and his tumbler blog about how hackers used apple care and amazon info to break in his apple iCloud,Gmail and twitter account .

” they reset my Twitter password. At 5:00 they used iCloud’s “Find My” tool to remotely wipe my iPhone. At 5:01 they remotely wiped my iPad. At 5:05 they remotely wiped my MacBook. Around this same time, they deleted my Google account. At 5:10, I placed the call to AppleCare. At 5:12 the attackers posted a message to my account on Twitter taking credit for the hack.  “

 he wrote whole story on his tumbler blog http://tmblr.co/Zh9xbyQjT2mB
he also mentioned about amazon’s flaw , how hackers get his credit card info

” First you call Amazon and tell them you are the account holder, and want to add a credit card number to the account. All you need is the name on the account, an associated e-mail address, and the billing address. Amazon then allows you to input a new credit card. (Wired used a bogus credit card number from a website that generates fake card numbers that conform with the industry’s published self-check algorithm.) Then you hang up.
Next you call back, and tell Amazon that you’ve lost access to your account. Upon providing a name, billing address, and the new credit card number you gave the company on the prior call, Amazon will allow you to add a new e-mail address to the account. From here, you go to the Amazon website, and send a password reset to the new e-mail account. This allows you to see all the credit cards on file for the account — not the complete numbers, just the last four digits. But, as we know, Apple only needs those last four digits. We asked Amazon to comment on its security policy, but didn’t have anything to share by press time. “

social engineering

hacker used social engineering tricks to get info and managed to break in Mat’s account and worse was apple dont have any recovery option after remote wiping .

Nick Farrell from fudzilla called apple security “A Joke “ i think used nice words for aaple’s security

An Apple fanboy is facing a religious crisis after Apple’s iCloud security appeared so woeful that it allowed hackers to take over all the gear he owned.

Normally Apple would not give a monkey’s about such a fanboy’s crisis, it would just pretend it did not happen and people would soon forget. Unfortunately, for Apple, the fanboy in question is Mat Honan who has been spending his writing career trying to talk people into following his lead and making sure that everything has an Apple logo on it.

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