Bedrock Linux | All in one Linux Distro

bedrock linux
Bedrock linux : a linux distro with stability,sharp tools,amazing looks ,  
stablity of RHEL
Cutting-edge packages like arch
ubuntu and mint like interface 
that why bedrock linux is made for . They mentioned in intro documentation bedrock linux want to bring all linux power in one distro. its in under development in Ohio State University and its website is also hosted under university site , and project is hosted on github 

unique features of bedrock linux 
Bedrock aims to make most of the (often seemingly
mutually-exclusive) benefits of various other Linux distributions
available simultaneously and transparently, with as little overhead
as possible.
  •  Debian or RHEL-clone’s rock solid stability?
  •  Arch’s cutting-edge packages? AUR?
  •  Gentoo’s compilation automation options?
  • Ubuntu’s Unity? Mint’s Cinnamon?
  • Your-favorite-distro’s your-favorite-feature?
All at the same time, transparently, with effectively zero overhead
they released just alfa which is not so user friendly but if you want to explore more about bedrock linux you can check these links :