kernel panic recovery | hackintosh fixing boot when on deadline

” Kernel panic “ very familiar word for Hackintosh users , many times that’s really annoying and many times just a reboot fix kernel panic but overall they are pain in @ss
You can see and troubleshoot your problem by looking at such problems .
See this post to understand kernel panic and boot flag info in detail Kernel panic and bootflag | tonymacx86 
hackintosh kernel panic
But what if you tried everything and nothing seems working for you , then you have to re-install the Mac OSX and by re-installing, you will  lose all your settings and personalization OR

You can use these simple steps to recover from kernel panic and boot problem at the deadline 
Requirements :  Bootable Mac  USB key
1 :  set USB as your first boot device boot with USB
2 : on installation screen click on Utilities and open Terminal 
3 : change directory to your HDD OSX installation  ( /Volume/Lion)
4 : change directory to /Extra folder
5 :  now rename org.chamelion.Boot.plist :
     mv org.chamelian.Boot.plist org.chamelian.Boot.plist.bak
5 : rename smbios.plist :
     mv smbios.plist smbios.plist.bak
6 : copy org.chamelian.Boot.plist and smbios.plist from /Volume/USB
     cp /Volume/USB/Extra/org.chamelian.Boot.plist /Volume/Lion/Extra/
     cp /Volume/USB/Extra/smbios.plist /Volume/Lion/Extra/
7: now ‘  ‘ to and make sure new files are there and close terminal
8: open disk utility from utilities menu
9: click on Lion Install partition and click repair permissions
10 : wait until it finish and then remove the USB and reboot
If it won’t boot boot in safe mode using -x flag orbooting in legacy mode using arch=i386
See video tutorial : 

this if it was helpful for you

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