Ubuntu One [500mb referral]

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For those using Ubuntu as their main OS they might know what U1 is but for the rest Ubuntu One is a cloud storage provider available for Windows,Ubuntu,Android and iOS devices where one can store all his files and manage it from anywhere just like Dropbox,Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive.It may not be user-friendly compared to these services but for those who need more cloud space,a free account offering 5GB of storage is worth it.But now this is not the limit…..

The Canonical’s cloud storage provider, has launched a referral program where the users get free cloud storage by spreading a word about the service among their friends and family.Users will find a referrals invite link on Ubuntu One dash board. All they have to do is to send the link to their friends and family by mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They will get an additional 500 MB storage space for each person who signs up for an account.An additional 500MB space is offered to both the referrer and referee.
Each Ubuntu One user is allowed to send 40 invites, which can earn him 20 GB of free cloud storage space on top of the 5GB, which he gets after signing up.