Up and running with git – part 1 [ installation ]

Hello  All , This is brand new beginning of git tutorial series , in this series will walk you through to get up and running with git and will cover many as possible topics related git SCM ( source code management system ),

Intro :

If you have developed anything before you may be familiar with the term source control ,  or if you are totally new in development then git is source code management system , it control different part of your source code keep it as snapshot , what it means if you make some changes in your code and that break things , then you can use SCM to revert back to previous stage , that what it do its distributed revision and source code management software.

Well that’s enough for introduction let’s get started with installing GIT in your system

Download And Install :

1 : Installing Git in Mac 

steps : 

Go to http://www.git-scm.com/

Git Download
Download Git

Download git package for mac

or click on download button


Install it like other mac softwares

Installing GIt
Git installation


Installing GIt
Installing GIt

Alternatively you can install using homebrew

brew install git

add bash completion

if [ -f `brew --prefix`/etc/bash_completion ]; then
     . `brew --prefix`/etc/bash_completion

Now open your application >  utilities > terminal

and type :

git --version
git -version
git version

All means git is working on your mac .. that’s great

additionally  as a tip

as git bash completion on your bash_profile file  :

open .bash_profile in any code editor  and add these lines

if [ -f /opt/local/etc/bash_completion ]; then
. /opt/local/etc/bash_completion

2 : Installation On Linux

Installing Git In Linux Very Simple open terminal and follow steps

Steps :

On Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install git-core

On Fedora

sudo yum install git-core

you can verify installation using same technique by opening terminal and typing

 git --version

3 : Installing Git On Windows

for installing git in windows download windows executable from http:/www.git-scm.com

or download directly


after download install like normal choose unix style committing on git bash option

git installation in windows
git installation in windows
git installation in windows
git installation in windows
git installation in windows
git installation in windows



Now Open Git Bash and type

git --version

you are good to go
please drop your installation  questions in forum

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