Electromagnetic Radiations are all around us, due to the increasing number of wireless equipments, mobile phones, towers. Natural form of radiations are also present in the form of Ultraviolet Rays from the SUN.

A Common myth among people is that radiations can cause Cancer. But according to a handbook on Mobile Communication -Radio Waves and Safety Guide,released by the Department of Telecom, the radiation emitted by the mobile phone’s antenna are not enough to cause any significant amount of heating in the ears and in the head of the user, although a rise in the temperature might take place due to placing of the mobile phones too close to the ears or the head. However , the report also states that there are no conclusive evidence that radio signals from mobile phones can have any adverse effect on any human.         Yet,the government is taking precautions.

The Government of INDIA has passed SAR regulations for mobile phones. SAR,stands for Specific Absorption Rate, whose definition is the rate at which Radio Frequency is absorbed in the human body over a given time.Every mobile phone should have a SAR value.

The SAR limit prescribed for mobile phones by the Government Of India is 1.6 Watt/KG averaged over one gram of human tissue. And this norm came to effect on 1st September ,2012.

Now,after this norms all the mobile phone must have SAR value displayed on it.This particular must be made known to the consumers at the time of purchasing.

There was a growing concern among the users about such informations , this is in the right direction to put to ease all concerns and doubts.These norms should be a headstart in safeguarding public health.Also, with these norms comes a set of guidelines for the telecom companies for setting up thier towers.

According to these guidelines, telecom companies cannot install towers in narrow lanes foreseeing any calamity where this can lead to potentially dangerous situation, installation of BTS( Base Transmission System) to be avoided near schools and hospitals and others.

These norms will not only benefit human,animals as well as the whole environment.

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