Signup free messaging lands on facebook | no more facebook account needed for android and iOS useres

Today Facebook announced sign-up free accounts . means you have to just type your name and no. and you are good to go with your smart phone it will use messaging technology like other apps ” whatsapp ” viber ” etc . 
Now instead of going through all typical sign-up process  someone could just use Messenger. it will helpful for users avoid SMS charges. users can upgrade from non-facebook messenger to typical Facebook account 
At Le Web, Deng explained “The SMS protocol has been around for 20 years. It’s designed for these old phones, and they don’t take advantage of the location features, the touch screen, the picture-taking that today’s phones have and that’s why we invested in it.” He also mentioned non-Facebook Messenger is coming to feature phones too.
Download  new version  Facebook For Android 
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