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This is second part of  << backtrack virtual machine installation tutorial 
in this tutorial i will cover how to install vmware tools and additionally how to install
Reboot and login with default username and password

username : root
password : toor

Before installing vmware tools

ONLY KDE users ,  fix unable to create symlink problem :

root@bt:~# mkdir /etc/cups/ppd
Prepare Kernels  Source 

Change Root password of backtrack 5 R3 installation 

root@bt:~#passwd root 
Enter New UNIX Password : 
Retype New UNIX Password : 
passwd : Password Updated Successfully

After Prepare kernel sources now , Install vmware tools

1 : Eject and Disconnect Backtrack if its still mounted
2 : click on vm and choose install vmware tools
3 : if  mount automatically then its okay else mount manually

root@bt:~#mkdir /mnt/vmtools
root@bt:~#mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/vmtools/
mount : block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only
root@bt:~#cp /mnt/vmtools/VMwareTools-8.8.4-743747tar.gz /tmp
root@bt:~#cd /tmp
root@bt:/tmp#tar zxpf VMwareTools-8.8.4-743747tar.gz
root@bt:/tmp#cd vmware-tools-distrib/
root@bt:/vmware-tools-distrib/#perl ./

it will ask many question if you are not sure just go with defaults and when it finish installing simply type


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  • yash sharma

    I am trying to install tools in backtrack 5. when i run cp /mnt/vmtools/VMwareTools-6.5.1-126130tar.gz /tmp it says “can’t start- no such file or directory.
    I am using vmware 6.5.1 built 126130

    • Alok

      have you mounted vmware tools media ?

  • yash sharma

    I am trying to install tools in backtrack 5. when i run cp /mnt/vmtools/VMwareTools-8.8.4-743747tar.gz /tmp it says “can’t start- no such file or directory.
    I am using vmware 6.5.1 built 126130.

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  • Unicorntester

    please help
    when i tries :
    root@bt:~#mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/vmtools/

    it shows me: mount : dev/sr0 unknown device

    • Alok Yadav

      # mount /dev/cdrom

      then hit tab twice for tab completion

  • Somoy .

    I have installed VMware 6.5 on Win7 and then have installed BT5.3 on VMware. My pc is connected to a LAN which connected to Internet via nat.

    I can ping any address from BT but in mozilla I cant browse any site. Do I need to configure vmware or BT?

    • Alok Yadav

      mozilla dont require any special configuration ..
      try to ping from terminal

      and try to update your vmware workstation or use virtualbox

  • JustMe

    Just a bit of information. before “$cp /mnt/vmtools/VMwareTools-…tar.gz” go into the filesystem, click on VMware on the side bar and verify the version.

    • Alok Yadav

      yeah .. right

  • Thank you

    Finally! Thank you so much!

  • zohaib salman

    i have installed back track 5 R3 login field appear i typed “ROOT” but in case of password nothing is typed in the password field …please help me

    • Alok Yadav

      password field is invisible

      • http://nil somia khan

        dear sir in stage 3 when i type mount /dev/cdrom/mnt/vmtools/ it shows error (can not find…………….) so what can i do now. plz help

        • BrntPhish

          mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/vmtools/ you need a space between the two you are telling teh system to mount your cdrom rom and be able to access it at /mnt/vmtools

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    • Rohit Bankia

      I believe its working